Frank The Entertainer In A Basement Affair Show VH1

frank the entertainer review

Frank The Entertainer In A Basement Affair Show VH1 – Frank the Entertainer… in a Basement Affair episode 1: “Meet The Marescas” aired this evening on VH1.Frank the Entertainer is the newest dating reality show to hit the airwaves.The show stars Frank Maresca aka the Entertainer, who became famous for being in “I Love New York”,”I Love Money” and “I Love Money 2” who lives with his parents and is looking for love in the midst of fifteen new women.Here is a recap of the episode:

Unable to win New York’s heart, Frank the Entertainer welcomes 15 beautiful ladies into his parents’ house in hopes of finding the one that will inspire him to move out of the basement for good. One girl quickly rubs Mom the wrong way, and Frank has to decide if he should keep her against his mother’s wishes. It’s her house, but he’s the one looking for love and handing out basement keys to thirteen lucky ladies.

In the first episode Kari, Mandy, Stephanie were in the bottom three and Kari and Stephanie were eliminated.
That’s all we have for now on Frank The Entertainer.

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