Frank Bachelorette:What is Next for Frank Neuschaefer on 2010 The Bachelorette Season 6?

Frank Bachelorette:What is Next for Frank Neuschaefer on 2010 The Bachelorette Season 6? – The Bachelorette Season 6 is now breaking down to the final contestants for the show. Only 5 guys remain and Bachelorette Ali Fedetowsy has been left with a heart breaking decision on her hands. She’s already had trouble letting some of the men go, many of them drawing tears. She knows that when she makes the decision they will be gone from her life and she can’t regret her choices. However, things are appearing to get even more difficult for Ali and her decision making. From the trailers that were released on this seasons Bachelorette, we were able to uncover several faces from Ali’s “favorites.” The catch, some of them aren’t on the show. One particular being Frank Neushaefer who is currently no where to be seen. The only explanation to the unexplained trailers is that there is drama to come, fans to be shocked and Ali to be left with a broken heart. Surely Frank Neushaefer is going to make his appearance onto the show very shortly.

The highly recognized Bachelorette blogger Reality Steve has been reporting on the trailers but he thinks there will be several girlfriend scandals occurring on the Bachelorette. We’ve actually been introduced to the first one just last week. Justin, one of Ali’s favorites ran into some trouble when his girlfriend called Ali to speak with her on the phone. Reality Steve predicted this and has been very precise with his information. All of his spoilers have turned out to be exactly right so I think we can conclude that Reality Steve provides reliable information and insight into what’s happening on the show. Steve says that Frank, the guy from the trailer that mysteriously isn’t on the show will remove himself from the show. Steve predicts this because during the show Frank realizes that he still loves his ex-girlfriend.

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