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Frank And Nicole Caruso Break Bachelorette Heart at Le Tahaa Island Resort Spa

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Frank And Nicole Caruso Break Bachelorette Heart at Le Tahaa Island Resort Spa – The Bachelorette season 6 episode 10 aired last night on ABC. The episode which was filmed in Le Tahaa Tahiti Island Resort Spa has viewers wondering about two things why did Frank and his Nicole get back together? and where can they get infos on dreamy Tahiti vacations/Tahiti resorts?
The installment was full surprises, so let us dive in.

Once more Reality Steve was right and last night we watched Frank Neuschaefer who was conveniently followed by a camera crew go to his ex-girlfriend Nicole Caruso in Chicago and told her that he still loved her – and she responded by saying that she was in love with him too and they kissed.
During their stay at the Le Tahaa Tahiti Island Resort Spa Society, Frank was able to build enough courage to tell Ali the truth.
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He told her: “There’s something that was holding me back, and basically it was unresolved feelings for an ex-girlfriend.Before I came to Tahiti, I went to Chicago to see Nicole. The second I saw her, all the old feelings kinda came rushing back. Ali, I’m sorry.”

After hearing the heartbroken news Ali melted and started crying and yelling and screaming at the man who just shattered her heart. So obviously Frank was sent home and Ali has to make up her mind and pick who she really loves between Roberto or Chris. So who do you think will win Ali’s heart?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on The Bachelorette season 6 episode 10.

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  1. Karen | Jul 21, 2010 | Reply

    Ali goes on 2 wonderful dates with the remaining guys. Talks about spending the rest of her life with BOTH of them. She spends the night with both guys. So why act like it was Frank that broke her heart? It made her look as though she’s stringing the other 2 guys along. When the remaining guys see this show and how she reacted to Frank leaving they will know she didn’t want either of them. Throughout this series Frank has acted distant and did not put in the effort as the other guys did to pursue Ali. Yet, she kept giving him a rose? Plus Justin’s message to his girlfriend said he just wanted to make it into the final (3). That is exactly what Frank did, once he got to the final (3) he bails. These 2 guys went on-air for publicity only. Justin just got caught but Frank managed to finish his goal. Ali obviously is attracted to guys that don’t want to be with her. When she was crying and saying “is it me?” Yes, it actually is Ali. So the guy that wants her the most (Chris) will not get the girl. Ali only likes men that don’t want her. Roberto is on the show for publicity only as well (hence all the baseball stuff), so naturally she will pick him and soon after they will split when the limelight is gone. And naturally, the guy with the good intentions, the one that actually does care, walks away empty handed, sorry Chris, but that’s Ali.

  2. WHATEVER | Jul 21, 2010 | Reply

    Ali has two other guys. She was complaining about giving up her job to do the Bachelorette, like she’s not guaranteed at least 15 minutes of fame afterwards and hasn’t travelled the world. Shattered her heart? The girl is dating 3 guys! What am I missing? Since when does get to have their heart broken in a polyamorous relationship? Grow up, Ali.

  3. *Ashers* | Jul 21, 2010 | Reply

    Oh, cry me a river Ali!!! I cant believe I even thought that any of this crap was real!!! If you ask me, Ali doesnt deserve either one of them. You go around kissing and messing around with a bunch of strangers and you dont expect something to go wrong??? WTF!?! I know the only reason I watched this show was that I thought Frank was ubberly hot! Still do in fact 😉 But, I digress… Hey Ali, do us all a favor, go on an ACTUAL intimate date with less than 30 guys, forget the roses, and don’t make us watch, please? ~AshErs~

  4. Tina | Jul 21, 2010 | Reply

    I hope that she picks Chris!

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