Fox Sunday Animated Comedies Hurricane Episode Cancelled

It’s like you can’t tell a joke anymore.

FOX has pulled three episodes of their popular animated shows, Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show because all three had a crossover hurricane themed premise that the folks at FOX felt was inappropriate due to the recent monster tornadoes and devastation to the US.

FOX is going to pull the episodes altogether and try to run them next year and will run reruns in their place.

Just recently some countries had pulled Simpsons episodes that focused on radiation leaks and nuclear power plant accidents because of sensitivity to the tragedies in Japan.

These actions are seen by some to be extreme as the shows in question are only popular because they broke the mold in shock value entertainment. Especially the Seth McFarlane based shows.

His Family Guy knows no bounds in regards to sophomoric and disingenuous comedy. That’s what has made the shows such hits and major money makers for FOX.

In the past McFarlane’s humor has made fun of obese people, celebrities with personal tragedies, starving people in Africa and more. The Simpsons is far the lighter hearted of the group but they’re not being targeted this time.

One wonders if this is FOX being truly sensitive to the misfortune of others or a means by which to drum up publicity for these three soon to be banned episodes.

Fans will clamor to see them and the suspense will drag on until next year but what if more storms hit then? The episodes may never see the light of day save for DVD.

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