FlashForward Finale 2010:No FlashForward Season 2 Series Cancelled

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FlashForward Finale 2010:No FlashForward Season 2 Series Cancelled – FlashForward Finale/FlashForward Season 1 Episode 22 called “Future Shock” which was written by Timothy J. Lea & Scott M. Gimple and directed by John Polson aired last night on ABC.
Seeing that the show was cancelled and sadly for the fans there will not be a FlashForward Season 2,last night’s installment was originally set up to be a season finale not a series’ finale which could explain why the science fiction got more or less a poor ending.
Here is a recap of the installment:
It’s D-Day – April 29, 2010 – and everyone got to see their flashforward visions come true despite the fact that Mark uncovered the date of the next blackout.
A very drunk Mark Benford was in the office where was attacked by several masked men. Lloyd Simcoe and Olivia Benford found themselves in the same bedroom. Aaron Stark made it by his daughter’s side in Afghanistan. Bryce Varley and Keiko finally found each other in a sushi restaurant. Nicole Kirby had a terrible car accident and appeared to have drown. Janis Hawk ended up in the hospital where she found out that she was having a boy. Demetri Noh and Simon Campos looked like they may have been killed during a bomb explosion as they attempted to stop the new blackout.

Overall it was an OK episode of FlashForward but then again you can not really judge the writers too harshly seeing that this was not supposed to be a series finale.
There was a lot of action ,an interesting end but many scenes were senseless and abnormal (Like Wedeck’s trip to the bathroom so he can wait for the gunman) or the fact that they were unable to prevent the second flashforward from happening.
However we do like the happy endings:
-Olivia and Lloyd are together.
-Bryce Varley and Keiko were finally united.
-Charlie seems happy
What do you think happened to Janis?
Can we say the Mark is dead in the FBI office?
What does Charlie mean when she said on New Year’s Day 2015 that “They found him! He’s alive!” ?

What are your thoughts on FlashForward Finale?

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