Extreme Makeover Home Edition Wagstaff Family Season 7


Extreme Makeover Home Edition Wagstaff Family Season 7 – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – Wagstaff Family was broadcast on ABC this evening.Tonight Ty Pennington and the rest of the team were sent over to help a family in Florida that has faced some ongoing hardship.The Wagstaffs composed of Jill ,Tobin ,their three sons (with cute Mohawks) and one daughter were chosen because of their community service.

The family who runs a nonprofit music school Gainesville not only rocked on stage with Kiss a band they absolutely adore ,but they also got a new home in the process.

The Wagstaff family who has worked with Gibson and Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation to provide instruments for Tulsa’s Wilson Middle School,saw the community/friends/neighbors get together to demolish their old house and build their dream house in seven days.What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on Extreme Makeover Home Edition Wagstaff.

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