Evangeline Lilly On Lost Series Finale

Evangeline Lilly On Lost Series Finale – With the finale of Lost inching ever closer with each passing week, Evangeline Lilly said when she visited “The View” that the Lost finale “holds true” and that it is not a cop out. The series only has two episodes to go, the last of those episodes will be multiple hours long. Lilly also gave kudos to the many “intelligent” theories that have been out there about the end of Lost since the show first began in 2004. However, she said that she does not read Lost fan sites or blogs that post the information.

She also made similar comments on Late Night with David Letterman on Monday night. She told Letterman that the end “represents the show nicely.” Letterman followed her reply by saying that he only logical way to end the series is to have all of the characters wake up and realize they were part of some dream.
“You’re hoping for the dream out? You’re the least imaginative person in North America,” Lilly replied. “Why don’t you look at some blogs, because there’s millions of them out there, and see one of the millions of theories. There’s so many intelligent theories.”

Lilly said that now that the show has finished filming, she plans to try to write her own screenplays, children’s stories and novels.
“Being a big movie star is not my dream in love,” she said. “My dream in life would be to be a writer and a mother and have a simpler life. So that’s what I’ll pursue.”

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