Erik Gates Picture:Mythbusters Death

mythbusters death

Erik Gates Picture:Mythbusters Death – Erik Gates Picture can be found here.Erik Gates who was well known fort his numerous appearances on the hit TV show Mythbusters was killed after a thirty foot fall.Gates, the owner of Gateco Electric died while working a skylight on Sunday that belonged to Xirrus, a company owned by his brother Dirk Gates.Xirrus’ CFO said:

“He was a good guy.He survived cancer, he jumps with parachutes, he base jumps. He’s an active guy who was used to taking precautions. This was a freak accident that shouldn’t have happened.”

The Mythbusters Twitter feed added:

1. Team MB wishes to express our deepest sympathies on the passing of our beloved rocket expert, Erik.
2. You were an honorary MythBuster and will be sorely missed.

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