Erica Langston Wants More Ex ‘Bad Girls’ To Join Her

Things must really be hard up for the TV networks as it’s being reported that Erica Langston the ex member of the “Bad Girls Club” reality show has been recruiting former cast members to take part in some sort of porn movie project.

TMZ got the scoop as they say that Erica Langston has signed a contract with a company called Vivid Entertainment that will be releasing a sex tape starring the reality star.

Apparently Langston wants to be a big shot in the porn industry not only performing but also producing and maybe directing or both.

Her projects on the horizon include something called “VBG (Very Bad Girls)” and she wants only former cast members of her” “Bad Girls” series.

Her plans are to sign up the girls for her project but as of yet there has been no concrete deals.

Porn is a major part of the entertainment industry now. It makes tens of billions worldwide thanks primarily to the web. Actually porn has pushed the limits of computing and the web being far in advance of the mainstream industries.

Perhaps Langston feels she can cut herself out a piece of the adult industry pie and her notoriety as a Bad Girl is enough to get her foot in the door and if she’s successful she can parlay that celebrity into some big cash but is she ready for the risks and dangers that may lie ahead?