Entourage Season 7 Episode 9: Watch Porn Scenes From An Italian Restaurant Online S07E09

Entourage Season 7 Episode 9: Watch Porn Scenes From An Italian Restaurant Online S07E09 – Entourage season 7, episode 9 called “Porn Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” which was directed by Kevin Connolly and written by Ally Musika aired last night on HBO.
With the end of the season approaching very rapidly with only one episode to go -things sure are heating up in the series.Here is what occurred last night.

-Vince had one of the best storylines of the night.
The man is losing his head trying to control Sasha, keep her from doing that five-guy gang bang porn movie while getting deeper and deeper into drugs.
We can all bet by the finale Sasha will dump his butt and the cocaine drama will cause him the Airwalkers movie.

-As for Ari he ended his career thanks to his big mouth in this episode by blasting Amanda while dining a an eatery.The poor bastard had all going well for him, he was being a better father a good husband and was about to get his NFL deal.

But by blaming Amanda who was trying to help him, for the leaks, he just lost everything-who would have knew?
It was Amanda’s evil assistant that leaked the damaging audios.

-As for Turtle’s plot it had a nice twist.
After pissing Carlos one of Avion Tequilia’s owner off last week with his viral ads, this weeks he gets in the middle of the family business by unveiling to Carlos that his brother Mark wants to sell for $5 Million which he turns down.

-While everyone else goes crazy Drama was busy making a wise decision for himself by finally accepting to lend his voice to an ape in the animated movie “Johnny’s Bananas.”
The decision produced the best scene which was the discovery of Phil Yagoda transforming the offices into a jungle with palm trees.

Here is the synopsis of the episode:

Now that a new director has been attached to his movie, Vince tries to get Sasha a part in it, which leads to a confrontation. Ari learns from Queen Latifah that Amanda may have landed an NFL deal. Eric’s assistant Jennie works on Drama to get him onboard for Billy’s new series. Turtle’s attempt to get funding from Mark Cuban causes problems with his Mexican boss. Unfortunately, while they are all at Vince’s home, Drama, Turtle, Lloyd, Billy, and Alex discover how far Vince’s drug habits have gone.

Another solid episode of Entourage that has waiting for the big finale.
The cliffhanger was simply brilliant with Lloyd falling on Vince’s cocaine in the drawer while Billy Walsh swims near by.God knows that all of this will end very bad for the boys.
Do you think there is a slim change of E’s hot assistant hooking up with Drama?
How much will Ari lose in this huge scandal?
How low will Vince fall?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Entourage season 7 episode 9.

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