Entourage Season 7 Episode 4:Watch Tequila Sunrise Online S07E14

Entourage Season 7 Episode 4:Watch Tequila Sunrise Online S07E14 – Entourage season 7 episode 4 called “Tequila Sunrise” which was directed by Adam Davidson and written by Doug Ellin aired last night on HBO.
The installment answered couple of the questions that were left from last week’s episode.
-Turtle who is still trying to sleep with Alex arrived in Mexico to find out that her “business” had nothing to do with drug nor gun smuggling.
Alex who is the biggest tease of the century simply wanted Turtle to meet a family friend Carlos (played by Miguel Sandoval) who would like him to convince Vince to become the spokesman of their tequila company, Avion.

-As Ari he found a way to piss off the wrong woman again.
After he delivers a brilliant presentation to the NFL patrons like Casey Wasserman, Mike Meldman and John Ellis, played by Alan Dale to get the money that he needs for his mega stadium, his whole world comes crumbling down.
Indeed Ari really screwed the wrong girl- Andrew Klein calls him from rehab and informs that him that Lizzie Grant is out to get his clients.
-Meanwhile Vince’s brother has the brilliant idea of inviting John Stamos over to Vince’s mansion in order to impress him and seal the deal for the sitcom.
Here is the summary of the episode:

Turtle gets a south-of-the-border business pitch from Alex, but has a hard time believing he isn’t being used. Drama enlists Bob Saget to help him smooth out a rough first impression with John Stamos, a potential sitcom co-star. Ari’s euphoria after making an NFL pitch to a group of Hollywood high rollers is tempered when he learns that Lizzie may be siphoning off some of his prized clients. Eric and Scott patch up their differences with an eye on Vince’s future – and the shared success of their company.

Overall is was a very good episode that left us with more questions than answers once again.
Tequila Sunrise had a bit more drama and mystery than usual but then again, that is a great thing.
Now for these burning questions:
Will Lavin turn Vince against Eric during their trip in Vegas?
Is Alex using Turtle?
What are your thoughts on Ari’s new assistant?
Who is Lizzie working for?
What are your thoughts on John Stamos’ assistant named Squanto?

Here are few quotes from the episode:

“show him you can play the ugly brother in real life, too.”
“Ping pong is the new billiards.”
“It’s going to be a long day for Uncle Jesse.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Entourage S07E04.

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