Entourage Season 7 Episode 2:Watch Buzzed Online S07E02

Entourage Season 7 Episode 2:Watch Buzzed Online S07E02 – Entourage season 7 episode 2 called “Buzzed” which was directed by Tucker Gates and written by Ally Musika aired last night on HBO.
The newest episode of “entourage” begins when Vince deciding to add a haircut to the list of things he considers to be his shortcomings, alongside brains and personality.His new hair cut does not sit well by his entourage, and his image takes a real hit because of the do. Hollywood is very different from the real world, and this episode accurately shows how something as small as a haircut can end up being a big deal.
Vince’s team goes into damage control mode in the wake of the hair cut, attempting to slow down the spread of bad press. It also doesn’t help that Vince makes an offhand comment that Nick Cassavetes’ movie is going to suck, compounding the bad press he was already receiving.

Ari comes to the rescue, trying to undo all of the damage that Vince creates in the second episode of the season. It becomes apparent throughout the episode that Ari is having an even harder time than normal balancing his home life and his work life.
Meanwhile, E continues to read scripts for Drama, who is desperately searching for work even though his career might have effectively come to an end and Turtle deals with a $10,000 charge on his company’s card that he doesn’t remember making. He becomes convinced that the move was made by Alex, a driver who recently quit after Turtle made a move on her.Upon further investigation by Turtle, he realizes that it was actually Tiffany’s that screwed up, and not Alex.

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