Entourage Ending in 2011: Entourage Movie?

Entourage Ending in 2011: Entourage Movie? – Entourage will be ending next summer after its eighth season, but could potentially be followed by a movie, according to HBO. The show has been well received by fans and critics alike, and has been a long-running show for HBO. The show follows a young Hollywood star from New York, who brings his friends along with him to the Hollywood scene. The cast is one of the most memorable in television history, and executive producer Mark Wahlberg has often thought about making the show into a movie. He thinks that fans have always wanted a movie, and believed that producers could deliver a “big screen caliber” film with the characters that they have.

“We’re going to have six episodes next and and end with a bang,” he said, and also said that a movie trailer could start with Ari Gold waking up next to Lloyd in Vegas, not remembering what happened. It would be interesting to see what they could do with the characters with a budget that most movies have.
The plan right now is we’ll finish up this season. We’ll do a shorter order for next season — we’ve talked about six episodes,” said Michael Lombardo, He also went on to say that they were planning on writing a film, and he expected that to be made within the next couple of years.

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