Ellen on So You Think You Can Dance: 2010 Finale

Ellen on So You Think You Can Dance: 2010 Finale – Ellen DeGeneres may not be the greatest dancer, but her surprise appearance on “So You Think You Can Dance,” was one for the record books. Just weeks after announcing that she would be leaving the judges table at American Idol because she could not handle the work schedule, she was off making a surprise appearance on another reality show. Some fans were upset that she came on the show and made a mockery of the hip hop style of dancing, but it was all done in good fun and she didn’t mean any harm in her performance.
The contestants this year are some of the best that the program has seen in recent years. The amount of skill is far greater than it was in previous seasons, and they have been stealing the show. There was no real frontrunner coming into the final week of the show, but Lauren Froderman’s victory shows that she was the most liked by the viewers at home.

The finale also featured a group routine by the top eleven all stars on the program. It was an amazing performance by some of the best dancers to ever grace the show. Tyce DiPrio, Stacey Tookey, and Kenny Ortega joined the permanent judges on the program to give their insight on the performances and really added another layer of depth to the judging.

The judges will pick their favorite routines from this season to be re-performed in the wrap up special, and that should make for an interesting finale.

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