Eddie Cibrian Leaves CSI Miami CBS

Eddie Cibrian Leaves CSI Miami CBS – In the wake of this TV season, a season that had many popular television shows losing more money than they had anticipated, many networks have decided to cut back on their spending for these shows. That includes cutting back on the spending on the actors and actresses who are used in the shows, which often take up a considerable portion of the budget. The longest running CSI spin off, “CSI Miami” recently announced that they were moving in a similar direction with their cuts. Today, a representative for CBS announced that they had decided to release Eddie Cibrian from his contract and to move on without him in the show.

The rep declined to comment on specifics of the event, but simply stated that the decision had been made and that was the direction that they were moving in. The network had an option to pick up his contract, but declined to do so. Previously in the television industry, it was mostly the actors themselves who opted out of returning. Simply being cut from your position was not as commonplace as it has been this off-season.
The actor joined the show last season, in an attempt to fill the void that was left by Adam Rodriguez. He did a fine job at filling the void, but was still let go today. Rodriguez will be returning to the show, and the producers decided that they wanted to focus on the core members of the show, rather than try to fit a newer character into the mix, which can be tricky, especially with veteran fans of the show.

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