Eastbound & Down Season 2 Episode 2: Watch Chapter 8 Online S02E02

Eastbound & Down Season 2 Episode 2: Watch Chapter 8 Online S02E02 – Eastbound & Down Season 2 Episode 2 called “Chapter 8″ which was written by Shawn Harwell, Jody Hill & Danny McBride and directed by Jody Hill aired this evening on HBO this evening.

Tonight we watched Danny McBride aka Steve bounce back after his precious cock Big Red get killed by another bird-after giving a huge speech about how he wanted to become a star pitcher once more -for a little Mexican team where most of the players think that he is an A-hole.

In “Chapter 8″ we learned that Kenny Powers has had a long meeting with the owner of the team, a young millionaire named Sebastian who accidentally killed his mother to inherit his fortune and promises the athlete one hell of introduction to the Mexican public with loads of fireworks while draped in the American flag.

The intro was a fiasco leading the few people who came to see the match shocked so they walked away from the stadium.
We also met Powers’s not to brilliant but loving friend Stevie Janowski again.
And just like last time -he is a faithful friend who is trying to be a shoulder to Powers who accidentally shot him in the leg and poured liquor on the womb.

Here is the recap of the episode:
Charros owner Sebastian Cisneros (Michael Pena) agrees to pull out all the stops in promoting Kenny Powers’ (Danny McBride) return to organized baseball, but Kenny loses motivation after learning a secret about April from an old friend.

Overall another brilliant episode full of jokes and profanity.
Stevie is a welcomed addition to the wild cast and his potential love affair with the neighbors’ wife who is currently his nurse will be hilarious.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Eastbound & Down season 2 episode 2.

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