Early Show Shakeup On CBS: Chris Wragge & Erica Hill

A new team is coming to the Early Show in the not too distant future, including Jeff Glor who will be the news anchor for the new morning broadcast. Marysol Castro who used to work on “Good Morning America” is also going to be on the new edition of this program as the show’s weather anchor.

Erica Hill will also be a part of the team as well as Chris Wragge, two new co-anchors that will make up the morning program.

These changes were announced to the public on Tuesday, shocking a lot of people who had gotten used to the old lineup that hadn’t changed for a long time.

McManus stated recently that the Early Show makes up a very important part of CBS News, and that he expects the new team to do a great job overall.

He also said that CBS News is constantly striving to improve the news and how it is delivered, which ultimately means who delivers it.

The new team members are all accomplished members of other news teams which have gained recognition in the past for being the very best on television. Certain new members of the team have expressed their excitement in working on the show and can’t wait to start.

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