Don Lapre Arrested

It looks like the next time TV pitchman Don Lapre does a commercial about his latest get-rich-quick scheme he’ll be doing it from prison.

Lapre is now in police custody for failing to show up in court to address the charges that he’s defrauded more than 200,000 people of around $52 million. He’s looking at 41 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, mail fraud, and promotional money laundering.

For some dumb reason with that many charges against him he decided not to show up in court and of course that meant a warrant was issued for his arrest.

He’s looking at fines and upwards of 25 years behind bars for starts and it’s a good bet that if he’s been really engaged in such activities there may be more hiding behind the curtain. He once ruled as the king of infomercials often showing off houses and cars and women while hawking his newest programs like real estate and vitamins.

It’s the vitamins that got him burned.

Like the infomercial masters of old, Lapre is the latest to be facing big charges and that means the courts will be watching him closely so as to figure out what he’s done and how he’ll pay that money back. It’s a sure thing that Lapre had worked out his legal situations before he started this latest campaign and it’s more than likely he’ll not do any time but will be dodging the courts and declaring bankruptcy and hiding out somewhere as he laughs his way to the bank.

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