DisneyChannel.com/halloween October Takeover

DisneyChannel.com/halloween October Takeover – Selena Gomez is officially taking over the Disney Channel. Right now, Disneychannel.com/halloween is one of the most visited websites on the web, thanks to the advertising that has been done on the Disney channel.
The channel is a great stop for kids who enjoy Halloween. The Disney Channel is taking the good times from Halloween and making them accessible on their website, which features a number of games and prizes that can be won with a free entry.

The October Takeover will start on October 1st, which is when the games will really start to roll out on the website, and a bunch of Selena Gomez exclusive content will be added.

The October Takeover of the Disney Channel first started in 2005, and it has become an annual tradition since that time. It has remained a major success from the channel that often lets a different one of its stars take over the station. There will be a number of scary movies (that are still age appropriate) that will be appearing on the channel throughout the month, along with terrifying games and special television episodes that have a Halloween theme. It certainly should make for an interesting month on the Disney Channel and also on their website.

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