Dish Network Loses Fox Channels

Dish Network Loses Fox Channels – The Dish Network CEO, Charlie Ergen, released an online video message on Tuesday that defended the company’s decision not to sign a new deal with the News Corp/Fox that would bring 19 regional sports channels, FX and National Geographic to their service. The arrangement between the two companies expired last week, and Dish subscribers lost the channels on Friday.

Ergen said that the decision was made because Fox is demanding that customers pay more to access sports content, and are expanding their channel subscription service. He said that it would be “easy for them to cave into the demands,” but also said that he believed that he was doing the right thing for the company in not agreeing to the deal right away, if only out of principal.

It will be interesting to see how soon they can get a deal done. Dish users may eventually lose the ability to watch their NFL Sunday afternoon games and games 5-7 of the World Series, which could potentially be the most important games of the MLB season.

The talks are still ongoing, and many customers are outraged that they do not have the channels. Ergen attempted to explain his decision in terms that the customer base would be able to understand, and explained that Dish is doing what is in the best interest of the customers at this juncture.

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