Dirty Sexy Money The Facts

Dirty Sexy Money The Facts

Dirty Sexy Money The Facts – Dirty Sexy Money has only four episodes left before the show is permanently canned.This evening ABC aired an episode called “The Facts” that was scheduled for November 26 but was canceled for a Barbara Walters interview with Barack Obama. Here is the plot of the episode:

A gossip columnist interviews chauffeur Clark on Thanksgiving about several scandals surrounding the Darling family. The Darlings are away celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. Back at their New York mansion, Clark the chauffeur must appease a relentless and sexy reporter by setting straight Darling rumors regarding family betrayal, possible criminal cover-ups and murder accusations. His version of the way things happened include Patrick’s subpoena to Tripp over his association with the lowlife Fantini brothers, Karen’s anger over the intrusion of Simon’s beautiful ex-wife, Ama (Gina Torres), and Juliet’s (Samaire Armstrong) adventures with her lover, Kai. Meanwhile, under house arrest, Letitia holds the Ferragamo fashion show at the Darling mansion and one of the socialite attendees (Donna Mills) has some angry words for the family matriarch.

That’s all we have for now on Dirty Sexy Money The Facts.

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