Dexter Season Finale 2010: Season 5 Finale Spoilers

The fifth season of “Dexter” is coming to an end, and many fans are wondering how on earth the show is going to top the shocking end that last season produced. The situation for Dexter grows a bit desperate after he realizes that Lumen has been set up, and a trap is waiting for them. However, although he knows that this is the case, it seems that he is willing to risk it all in order to make sure that he doesn’t make the same mistake again.

A few clips from the season finale have been released—the first shows Dexter and Jordan having a phone conversation about Rita and what happened to her. The second clip that was released shows the plan that Dexter has for his family, and the desire that Astor and Cody have to stay with him over the summer.

According to the Executive Producer, Sara Colleton, the season finale for the fifth season is going to be quite surprising and a big shock.

“When you see the episode,” she said, “you’ll realize what a great title it is. [It will ask the question,] ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if you could escape from your life?’ “
The finale airs on December 12 on Showtime.

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