Dexter Season 5 Trailer

Dexter Season 5 Trailer – With Michael C. Hall now completely cancer free, he will be returning to the set of his popular television series “Dexter.” The trailer for the upcoming fifth season recently debuted at Comic Con, and has received a lot of attention from fans. If you have not seen season 4 in its entirety, you probably don’t want to watch the trailer as it contains vital information that you find out at the end of season 4.
“Dexter” has garnered a cult following since it first debuted over four years ago. It is able to draw the audience into the world of “Dexter,” and has continued to push the envelope further than it has been pushed before. It is an all-engrossing show that has created a fan follower that is very similar to the following that “Lost” had during its run.

The series appears to be heading in a different direction in the fifth season of the show. Dexter becomes a suspect in Rita’s murder, and all of the lies that he has told over the course of the last few season appear to be coming back to haunt him. Dexter is forced to deal with this, all while attempting to take care of his kids.
We’ll see if he is able to take care of himself and clear his name at the same time. It is nice to see that Michael C. Hall was able to make a full return after announcing that he had developed cancer earlier in the year. He was treated during the off-season of the show, and was able to return to work on the show on time.
Dexter Season 5 will premiere on September 26, 2010 with Julie Benz making couple of appearance.

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