Dexter Season 5 Episode 8: Take It! S05E08

Dexter season 5 episode 8 called “Take It!” which was written by Manny Coto & Wendy West aired last night on Showtime.
It has been about a month now since Lumen has been rescued by Dexter from her captors/rapists and it was still not clear what role she was going to play in our favorite serial killer’s life.
This week we got a clear answer as we watched the duo became real partners in crime by sharing their first kill.

In “Take It!” Dexter we followed the couple as they attended a self help seminar put together by Jordan Chase and rented a room in the same hotel in order to kill Cole.

After a brief conversation with her ex fiancée who happened to be in Miami and wanted to leave the country with her, Lumen was spotted by Cole and his goons who tried to kill her again.
Luckily for her, Dex was able to free himself from his therapy/testimonial moment with Chase and his followers to save her.

The couple accomplished their goal of killing Cole in a weird romantic scene that made us thought they were making love or sharing a kiss for the first time.

Meanwhile, the Santa Muerte fiasco made its first victim in the office.
The she-Devil known as Laguerta lied and blamed the whole screw up on Deb and proceeded to suspend her. But in a surprise twist Batista decided to back her story up and went against his biatch of a wife.

Here is a brief recap of the episode:

Dexter and Lumen take the opportunity to track a vicious murderer while attending a self-help seminar; fallout from the Santa Muerte homicides puts Debra in hot water and places Batista in a difficult situation. Things tense up between Quinn and Liddy as Liddy begins to grow more obsessive and greedy.

The installment ended with a bang – Liddy who is getting closer to discovering Dexter’s secrets was seen taking pictures of the duo as they dumped Cole’s ( we will miss Chris Vance ) decapitated body in the middle of the ocean – but after seeing next week’s preview it seems that Quinn may not be too interested in what his almost brother in law and freaky girlfriend are hiding.

Before leaving we have to ask a simple question – why is Santa Muerte case taking so long to be resolved?
At first we thought the story was compelling but now it is seriously dragging and we are wondering if this is just an excuse to keep the team occupied as Dexter does his thing with Lumen.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Dexter season 5 episode 8.

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