Dexter Season 5 Episode 10: In The Beginning S05E10

Dexter season 5 episode 10 called “In the Beginning” which was directed by Keith Gordon and written by Scott Reynolds aired last night on the Showtime network.

We had a very exciting episode of Dexter last night where Dexter and Lumen finally got intimate after the perfect kill -Tilden was murdered in his neighbor’s house.”In the Beginning” which is most-likely one of the best episodes of the season thus far featured our favorite serial killers taking their relations a step further after killing all but one of Lumen’s rapists.

With Tilden,Alex, Boyd, Cole and the Dentist all dead, we can expect the big final showdown to be between Jordan Chase and Dex.

In this very emotional installment thanks to Lumen we discovered some very sordid details about Jordan.
Mr Chase was the brain behind the group – he first convinced them when they were teenagers to gang rape Emily and later on brainwashed them to sexually abuse and torture 13 other women.`

This episode had a lot of suspense thanks to Deb and Quinn who almost caught her brother and Lumen while they were murdering their latest victim Tilden.

While Dexter and Lumen did manage to get away with another murder – Deb is inches away from discovering the whole truth.
First of all she found one of Lumen’s footprints outside Tilden’s house and secondly she has managed to put one and one to understand that the thirteenth victim may have survived and she is out there killing her rapists one by one.

Here is a brief recap of the episode:

Just as Dexter discovers a possible ally in the pursuit of Lumen’s former captors, he and Lumen are forced to step down as Homicide uncovers some key evidence linked to one of their prior victims. Debra, who’s been reassigned to the Barrel Girls murders, positively identifies two more suspects in the case.

Overall it was a pretty solid episode of Dexter where all the elements are being lined up for a huge finale.
It will definitely be interesting to see where the Lumen/Dexter relationship goes from here.
We are eager to see what Quinn will do with the infos that Liddy will share with him about his future brother in law.

One quick question – Dex has been very close to discovering the truth about Dex before but he has always managed to get away – do you think she will discover his dark secrets this time around?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Dexter season 5 episode 10.

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