Dexter Season 5 Episode 1: Watch Dexter Season 5 Premiere 2010 S05E01

Dexter Season 5 Episode 1: Watch Dexter Season 5 Premiere 2010 S05E01 – Dexter season 5 Episode 1 called “My Bad” which was directed by Steve Shill and written by Chip Johannessen aired this evening on Showtime.

“Dexter” ended last season with one of the most unexpected endings in the history of television. Dexter Morgan came into his house after officially finishing off his arch nemesis Trinity at the end of last season to find that his counterpart had already come into his house and killed his wife while Dexter was out hunting him.

Season 5 jumped straight into the aftermath of that incident.The episode opened with Dexter stepping into his home to find a tub full of blood and a baby sitting in an even larger pool of blood.

He eventually sat speechless in the front lawn of his house, holding his blood soaked baby as officials make their way into the house to make sense of the scene. Of course, Dexter knows that the Trinity Killer is behind the death of his wife, Rita.

Now he is left with her kids and his own son, and a serial killer must adapt to the life of a single father while trying to keep the fact that he is a killer hidden from the rest of the world.

As if that was not enough for Dex -Quinn (even after sleeping with Deb who is losing her mind) is zooming in on him as being involved in the death of his wife.During the entire episode Dex appears to be out of it in all of it, unable to deal with the emotions that come with the death and unable to figure out how to react to a death like a normal person. Previously, Dexter had thought that he did not feel emotion in the same way that other people do. Now, he has to deal with these feelings for the first time in his life while remaining razor sharp behind the scenes and killing random strangers who get upset for bathroom keys.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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