Dexter Season 4

Dexter Season 4

Dexter Season 4 – Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter in the hit TV show by the same name has decided to reveal some secrets/spoilers for season 4 that will air in 2009.Michael C. Hall said:

“I don’t know that Dexter is the most reliable narrator.””I don’t know that he was at the beginning of the show, and I don’t know that he is now. I think he tries things on and plays at being a human being. I do think there’s an appetite for connection and revelation in Dexter that he doesn’t consciously acknowledge. But that motivates a lot of his behavior.”

Hall added:

“In the writing room, we are constantly talking about, well, does Dexter feel that? Or is it learned behavior? Or is it camouflage?” “For instance, is his relationship with Rita a growing affection? Is it learning affection? Or does he need the relationship as a camouflage to present to the real world? In all honesty, we don’t entirely know.”I always think of Dexter as a bit of a French coffee press. You press down on it and those bubbles come up and those bubbles are unexpected emotions. And it could be anything from affection for his sister, a feeling for his baby that’s coming, friendship, whatever he was feeling for Lila last year. It could be hate, rage. I don’t know yet that he loves. But I believe he feels something, and he feels more and more as he dynamically lives his life and has gut-wrenching and soul-wrenching experiences.”

Hall, nominated for three Golden Globes and one Emmy for the role, is reluctant to be definitive about the inner life of the Miami blood spatter expert he portrays, partly because he wants to leave it up to the audience to interpret and partly because there’s usually more than one factor motivating Dexter’s actions. Phillips said that he and Hall “go round and round” over Dexter’s capacity to feel anything, even after this season’s poignant episode in which Dexter helped a terminally ill family friend die.

On the one hand, Hall believes that Dexter’s relationship with his brother set him on a journey of self-discovery in spite of himself. But on the other, Hall points out, Dexter could be playing us all.

“I think the fundamental realization of his origins . . . opened up something for him, opened a door that can’t quite be shut in spite of what he pragmatically knows to be,” “It’s like a wound that continues to bleed and one that he doesn’t consciously acknowledge. But you can turn that all around and say that Dexter has a sense that he might kill these people well before we discover that inevitability.”

Michael concluded by.

“I don’t think that’s ever going to be satisfied.” “You had the brother, then you had the female energy last year and this year, with Miguel, it’s almost like a combination of the two. There was an element of that relationship that was friendship, but then it went beyond that. I think Dexter, with his marriage and through becoming a father, is going to keep attempting this, but it’s never going to be completely fulfilled.”

Dexter’ season three finale will air tomorrow night.

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