Detroit 1-8-7 Season 1 Episode 2: Watch Local Hero/Overboard Online S01E02

Detroit 1-8-7 Season 1 Episode 2: Watch Local Hero/Overboard Online S01E02 – Detroit 1-8-7 Season 1, Episode 2 called “Local Hero/Overboard” Kevin Hooks directed and which written by Jason Richman & David Zabel aired last night on ABC.

“Detroit 187” started off with a bang and could prove to be the next hit television show for ABC. With the second episode on its way, Damon’s life is hanging in the balance and we get to learn more about our characters.

Detective Damon Washington has successfully made it through his first week on homicide. His wife has given birth to their new child, and things are looking up before Damon is shot by a suspect in a murder and his life hangs in the balance.
Detective John Stone continues with the division, now paired with Ariana Sanchez. Sanchez’s last partner was killed and she has a number of issues with getting attached to her new partner. She keeps her distance while Stone tries to show her that they have to trust each other to make the partnership work.
Meanwhile, Sgt. Jesse Longford continues to considering retiring. He still wants to stay on the force but thinks that the commitment might be too much to ask of him at this juncture.
Keep in mind that the series was supposed to be shot documentary style, until the real life shooting of Aiyana Jones unfolded. Then, the city said that they did not want them going around and filming officers while they were on the job. It would be interesting to see what the show would have been like had it been shot documentary style, but things seem to be working out great using the traditional approach as well.
All we can say is that the series is looking good ,last night’s case which involved the raising football player Calvin Gibbs being discovered dead while his passenger-really put detective Sanchez and her new partner, Detective Stone and Fitch to the test to finally discover the ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend did it.
Despite being a bit less intriguing -The case that revealed that one bridesmaids was busy giving the groom
a blow job during his wedding reception was well written and reminded us why this show is here to saty.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Detroit 1-8-7 episode 2.

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