Deena Cortese:Deena Nicole Cortese Jersey Shore Cast

Deena Cortese:Deena Nicole Cortese Jersey Shore Cast – The newest member of the Jersey Shore cast, Deena Cortese, can only be described as “bad a** brunette.” It was announced today that she will be appearing on the show. She calls herself Deena Nicole, but her full name is Deena Nicole Cortese. She recently filmed some shots with the entire cast for the first time, and according to her mother Joann, she should make for an interesting member of the cast. Her mother said that she was funny, and that she is always looking to have a good time.
“She likes to have a good time, she has a good heart, she has a sweetheart, she might not show it but she really cares about other people’s feelings, she really does,” her mother said, leading some to wonder how well she would fit in with the rest of the cast.

Cortese has been friends with Snooki for quite some time, and should do alright fitting in with the rest of the cast. Cortese still lives at home, and her mother said that she spends a good amount of her time working out and tanning, but that she does not do her own laundry. She is a former cheerleader who was on the team at Brookdale Community College, which is located in Lincroft, New Jersey.
Her Myspace page is filled with pictures of her drinking, posing with friends and generally having a good time. It is nice to see that the show will be adding another strong personality to the cast.

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