DeAnna Pappas Jesse Csincsak RealityWanted Interview

DeAnna Pappas Jesse Csincsak RealityWanted Interview

DeAnna Pappas Jesse Csincsak RealityWanted Interview-The Bachlorette DeAnna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak sat down with RealityWanted to talk about their love and wedding plans.Here are excerpts of the interview.
Q. So have the two of you picked your wedding date?

A. Yes, our wedding date is May 9th, 2009. We picked the date because it is the date we got engaged.

Q. Are you planning on having children?

A. We definitely want kids, but want to experience us first.

Q. What is it that you love about each other?

A. I love no matter what he does he always puts a smile on my face, I have a man that I can depend on.

A. I am happy with her no matter where we are, she makes my palms sweat.

Q. How shocking was it when Jeremy came back?

A. It was shocking he came back but I think it was a good thing cause we cleared up a lot of things.

Q. So where are the two of you planning on living?

A. We are going to live in both places for now. Probably live in Atlanta and then move to Colorado during the winter season.

Q. So Jesse did you know you were going to win from the beginning?

A. I thought I was going home the first night. She looked past my goofy clothes and gave me a chance.

Q. Are any of the guys from the show going to be at your wedding?

A. Yes, Brian, Richard, Freddy and Jason will be invited to our wedding.

Q. DeAnna, are you planning on taking his last name?

A. I am taking his last name.

Q. Jesse, how was it watching her with the other guys?

A. Watching it was definitely tough but I am just focused on us, our marriage and our lives.

Q. What surprised you the most about being on the show?

A. I never thought a girl as beautiful as DeAnna would look at a guy like me. I am not a Abercrombie model but she didn’t judge a book by its cover.

Q. When did you realize DeAnna was going to pick you?

A. I would say probably during my hometown date with her was when I realized.

Q. What would the two of you say to people that are skeptic?

A. It doesn’t make or break us. We have a normal relationship. We are in love, we are engaged and we are getting married.

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