Deadliest Catch Phil Harris:Captain Phil Harris Dies

Deadliest Catch Phil Harris:Captain Phil Harris Dies – Captain Phil Harris will be reality TV’s first on screen death. “I’m not gonna be here for very much longer,” Phil had said in a recent episode of Discovery Channel’s unscripted series “Deadliest Catch.” “That’s a fact. I smoke and I drink. I’ve done every drug known to man. I mean, hell – it catches up to you.”
It caught up to Phil. He suffered a stroke not long after he made the statement on film, and eventually died in the hospital. The show’s producers had a problem on their hands. They were one of televisions few actual “reality” shows that accurately depict how the job is in real life. Now, with one of their own dying, they had to decide how they wanted to go about covering it.

Luckily, the crew handles his passing with taste. With the consent of the Harris’ family, the cameras kept rolling as the Coast Guard flew the captain to the hospital. Both of his sons then argued about whether or not to cut the fishing season short, before ultimately deciding that they had to.
They even showed the doctors trying to relieve pressure on Phil’s brain by removing a piece of his skull, and then showing how his family and friends coped with his passing. They stayed away from making things too controversial, and only showed the facts of how the event went down. It was more of a documentary than an on-screen death.
In the end, the network made the right decision to keep filming, despite Phil’s deteriorating condition.

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