David Paterson SNL Video

david paterson

David Paterson SNL Video – David Paterson SNL VIDEO/David Paterson Saturday Night Live VIDEO can be found here.Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update with Seth Meyers took on NY Gov. David Patterson played by Armisen angry speech to lawmakers last week.Some will find the skit funny while others will say mocking a blind a man is not appropriate.Here is the dialogue between Seth and Patterson:

Meyers: “You weren’t kidding around on your state to the state address?”
Patterson: “I’m never going to be popular in Albany. When I hear boos I know I’m in Albany.”
Patterson on the cast of “Jersey Shore”: “The people on that show are the cream of the crop. The ‘Jersey Shore’ is their ‘McLaughlin group.'”
Meyers: “But New Jersey just voted their Governor out this past fall.”
Patterson: “Which is like the junkyard hiring a new night watchmen.
That’s like when a striper calls herself Chastity.”
Meyers: “What is your next plan?”
Patterson: “I’m just going to hold on till 2012.”
Meyers: “There isn’t an election in 2012.”
Patterson: “That’s when the Mayans say the world will end. Everything will be reduced to rubble and flaming piles of garbage or like I like to call it…New Jersey!”

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