Danielle Staub Leaving Real Housewives: Danielle Staub Fired?

Danielle Staub Leaving Real Housewives: Danielle Staub Fired? – Earlier today it was reported that infamous ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Danielle Staub who had her sex tape and countless surgeries chronicled in the series was fired.

Life & Style revealed that the star was not asked to appear in the upcoming season three of the reality show on Bravo. An insider reveals to Life & Style,
“Danielle was told that she would not be returning for a third season.Danielle’s finding out she was fired came as a complete shock, and she thought she was definitely going to return to the successful Bravo series.”
The insider continues,
“Danielle is not only known for her vicious catfights on-screen but also for her sex tape scandal, prostitution allegations, link to drugs and legal battles with other cast mates.Danielle is currently trying to generate interest in a spin-off reality series about her life.”

Danielle Staub responded to the claims by releasing a very confusing statement that does not clarify much saying,”Actually, I’m not even thinking about season three right now, as I am considering many incredible options that have been presented to me,”
Staub added,”Right now, I just want to let fans know that we have a fantastic finale coming up next week and explosive reunion shows on August 30 and September 6. Don’t worry next year, I’ll still be the one you either love to hate or hate to love.”

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