Dancing With The Stars Winner 2010:Who Won DWTS Finale?

Dancing With The Stars Winner 2010:Who Won DWTS Finale? – The popular series “Dancing with the Stars” had one of their most successful seasons this year, with so many celebrities drawing a large amount of attention to the dancing program. Recently, Julie Chen, the wife of the CEO of the network Leslie Moonves stated that although she has not been keeping up with the show, she has picked Nicole Scherzinger to come away with the victory. The show will be ending tonight, with the winners finally being announced. This season has not only drawn attention to their competition, but has also received a large amount of press due to a number of backstage incidents’ involving Kate Gosselin, who also appears in the finale.

“It is covered so much, on ‘The Insider’ and on ‘Entertainment Tongiht’ and in the tabloids, I know enough,” Chen recently stated, regarding the fact that she has not watched the show but is still making a prediction as to who the winner may be. “I’m kind of rooting for Nicle Scherzinger, because just from the little I’ve seen, she’s a pro.”

Chen also went on to say that she has no idea who will be the next judge on the popular singing reality series, “American Idol.” The shows long time host, Simon Cowell, will be leaving the show to host and judge another, titled “The X Factor,” and he will need to be replaced if they plan on continuing with the popular singing competition.
“I can’t compare it to something like ‘American Idol’ or ‘Dancing With the Stars,'” Chen said.
Chen was right Nicole Scherzinger who did a fine job this season is the big winner of Dancing with the Stars 2010 thanks to her partner Derek Hough. Scherzinger managed to beat ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews and Olympic ice skater Evan Lysacek for the shinny trophy.

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