Dancing With The Stars Results 2010 October 5 Show-Margaret Cho DWTS

Dancing With The Stars Results 2010 October 5 Show-Margaret Cho DWTS – It can be hard to predict who is going home next on “Dancing with the Stars.” There are a number of really bad dancers, but the favorite at this point has to be “Jersey Shore’s” The Situation. He has been unbearably terrible throughout the season so far, but found a way to sow his abs and did not receive the lowest score this week.

It would be nice if they would let everyone stay for one more week since it seems like everyone has been steadily improving and it is hard to tell who will be at the top of their game by the end of the season. Unfortunately, changing the format of the show is not in their best interests.

Some believe the most likely to leave is Margaret Cho, who has not been able to get her act together so far. She has never been at the top of the contestants in points, and always has been in the lower half. This week, she is at the bottom and her consistently poor performance is going to make it hard to keep her around.

Other performers that should be worried include The Situation, who has improved but is still not anywhere close to being a good dancer. He does however know how to have a good time when he dances. Bristol Palin had the second lowest score this week but you would think that her high profile would be enough to keep her around for at least a few more episodes in the same way that Kate Gosselin was able to stick around last season.

Just moments ago Dancing With the Stars on Week 3 results were revealed and as predicted Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel were kicked out of the competition.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Dancing With The Stars Results 2010.

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