Dancing With The Stars Finale ABC May 24 2010 Vote

Dancing With The Stars Finale ABC May 24 2010 Vote – This season, the tenth in the history of the popular “Dancing with the Stars” television show has gone out with a bang this season. Even some of the contestants who did not make it very far in the show (Kate Gosselin and Buzz Aldrin) were able to create a fair amount of media coverage for the program. The final three, Erin Andrews, Evan Lysacek, and Nicole Scherzinger, were not even the most popular contestants on the show.

The three remaining had received great scores throughout the competition, and each of them had received “10’s” at one time or another from each judge throughout their duration on the show. However, Erin Andrews had never been able to secure a perfect 30. Both Lysacek and Scherzinger were able to score a perfect 30 in the Paso Doble. Erin Andrews was also able to perform well in that dancing style, but was only able to bring home a 29, falling just short of a perfect score.

According to most fans, there is no real favorite in the competition, and the winner will likely come down to how each contestant performs in the finale. All of them have the dancing ability to take the win home, it all depends on who is going to be able to step it up and get the job done in the finale of “Dancing with the Stars,” that will feature a large number of former contestants, including the controversial Kate Gosselin who was involved in a number of different altercations throughout her time on the show.

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