Dancing With The Stars: DWTS Season 11 Cast -Bristol Palin & The Situation

Dancing With The Stars: DWTS Season 11 Cast -Bristol Palin & The Situation – Bristol Palin has made it no secret that she is interested in a role in reality TV. Previous reports have stated that she has talked with several networks about her own reality show, but was looking for a full-season commitment, while the networks were only interested in taking a look at a pilot episode. Now, a new rumor has stated that she has expressed a desire to appear on “Dancing with the Stars,” a television series that is known for bringing in some of the largest names in entertainment. Her former fiancé, Levi Johnston, has also received his own reality show. The show will follow him as he runs for political office in Alaska.

Palin and Johnston have been engaged on two separate occasions, both times breaking off their plans while in the middle of a fierce custody battle. Their son, Tripp, was born in December 2008, and since that time their relationship has become increasingly rocky.

Some have speculated that her appearance on a reality television show could hinder the chances that her mother, Sarah Palin, receives the chance to run for the office of president in 2012. She has not formally announced her intentions, but has made it very clear through her actions that she is gearing up for bigger things.
Imagine if some family secret was divulged on “Dancing with the Stars?” It could seriously damage the credibility of Palin. Sarah Palin has always been supportive of her daughter’s decisions, even when she does not agree with him. Would she be supportive of an appearance on the second most popular reality television show in America?

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