Dana Carvey/Linkin Park On Saturday Night Live Season 36 Episode 14 – SNL S36E14

Saturday Night Live – Season 36, Episode 14 which was hosted by Dana Carvey and featured Linkin Park as musical guest aired this evening on NBC.

It was a pretty interesting episode of SNL that featured Justin Bieber, a nasty religious lady and a hilarious Wayne’s World reunion.
Here is a recap of the episode. Wayne’s World Cold Open:

Fans of the 1990’s hit sketch Wayne’s World must have been beyond happy to see Wayne and Garth looking young as ever reunite to talk about the upcoming 2011 Oscar and share their love for ‘Winter’s Bone.’

Dana Carvey Monologue:

The monologue was not very memorable but it was a kind of funny to see Dana Carvey sing about how great it was to be a Saturday Night Live cast member.
He seriously knew how to poke fun at the current actors.

“Black Noise”:
This old skit was funny back in October, but that was not a good enough of a reason to re-air it.

Church Chat :
This was probably one of the most hilarious skits of the nights where an old prude, religious lady played by Dana interviewed the whores by the names of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney Kardashian and Snooki and lectured them on being sinners.
But when it was time to have a little chit chat with Justin Bieber, she realized that she was feeling some strange things in her pants.

Teen Crisis Hotline:
Several of SNL’s comedians showed their talent by impersonating celebrities who were featured in new VH1 show where they answered calls for a teen crisis line and attempt to offer help.

The Roommate:

There were no Digital Shorts this weekend , but we did have a spoof of the new movie ‘The Roommate’ that featured Justin Bieber discovering that he had to share his college dorm with a creepy guy who kills animals played by Samberg.

Weekend Update: James Franco
In this segment we discovered that college student, producer, professor, Oscar host and best actor nominee James Franco revealed that he loved working on multitude of projects.

Weekend Update: Angela Dixon
Wiig played big haired meteorologist and former disco queen Angela Dixon who is stuck in the 70’s but has to report on today’s winter weather while singing.

Weekend Update Favorites: 2/5/11:

Seth Meyers talked about Anderson Cooper’s Egypt drama, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hosni Mubarak’s face.

Pageant Preview:

This skit was supposed to be about a beauty pageant that featured some very young contestants – but it turned out to be a freaky piece about two old geezers saying strange things about toddlers.
By the way where did they find those dresses.

Bad News Commercial:
The faux commercial featured a hilarious blonde named Deidra Wurtz who can deliver bad news for you with a weird accent.

Sports Bar:

One of the worst sketches of the night where ‘The Fingerlings’ decided to drive fans of the Green Bay Packers crazy with their song choice.

As for Linkin Park they really disappointed us by performing two boring songs “Waiting For The End To Come.” and “Pleasantville.”

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