Damages Cancelled?

Damages Cancelled? – There were many rumors floating about suggesting that “Damages” wasn’t doing very well with ratings and viewers. Those rumors have since been uncovered and TV Guide was able to provide some insight for the fourth year of Damages.Damages might not be returning for another season but it’s still too early to declare the show has ended. It certainly has been struggling to stay alive but as you may already know, many television shows do.

However, Matt Roush from TV Guide magazine suggest that the show might be dead. “Where FX is concerned, it really is over for Damages. While season 3 was a vast improvement over 2 in terms of quality and story, it didn’t draw an audience big enough to justify the expense of a star-heavy show filmed in New York. This was a business, not a creative, decision.” The legal drama has been suffering from low ratings and very high development costs for most of season 3. Some of the stars on the show like Ted Danson, Lily Tomlin, Martin Short and Campbell Scott have created very high production standards which were costing the show far more than it was earning in viewers.
If Damages is going to be cancelled, FX is yet to comment on its removal. FX released the statement that “No accouchement has been made” from the Vice President of Media Relations, Roslyn Bibby. She stated this to reporters from TV Squad just today. However, things aren’t looking good for the show and if it continues down this road, cancelling the show will become necessary for the network.

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