Daily Show Sexism:Daily Show Women Fight Back

Daily Show Sexism:Daily Show Women Fight Back – Last month The Daily Show was the center of conversation when Jazebel.com released a blog post titled “The Daily Show’s Woman Problem.” The title of the blog post wasn’t what was so alarming but rather the content within the post which stated that the comedy on television is “a boy’s club where women’s contributions are often ignored and dismissed.” The article later went on to discuss stories and events that backed up the writers claim. Those who have read the blog say the writer had plenty of evidence to support the theory.

As expected, there were mixed results about the comments from fans. Shortly after the blog post went viral and soon enough there were dozens of woman’s rights websites and various other television sites with similar claims. Some of these sites went on to question Olivia Munn, the host of “Attack of the Show!,” “Playboy” and “Maxim” covergirl. She will be the first female on the show in seven years that isn’t a comedian.
Several women of The Daily Show responded to the claims, you can read their comments below.
“Dear People Who Don’t Work Here,
Recently, certain media outlets have attempted to tell us what it’s like to be a woman at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. We must admit it is entertaining to be the subjects of such a vivid and dramatic narrative. However, while rampant sexism at a well-respected show makes for a great story, we want to make something very clear: the place you may have read about is not our office.
The Daily Show isn’t a place where women quietly suffer on the sidelines as barely tolerated tokens. On the contrary: just like the men here, we’re indispensable. We generate a significant portion of the show’s creative content and the fact is, it wouldn’t be the show that you love without us.”
Later in the letter they took on the accusations that The Daily Show is sexist. However it’s at the end of their letter that has sparked the most controversy. At the bottom is a list of women’s names that work for The Daily Show, their jobs and reason for working there. You might think this is going to support the shows claims but it’s interesting that there are only three women on the list, two female writers and one full-time correspondent, Samantha Bee. Hallie Haglund is one of the writers for the show and the letter states she’s been working there as a writer for approximately 5 years. Just two years ago Hallie was asked to blog for our website but she stated she was a receptionist there, having no writing relation at all.

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