Current TV New Recruit: Keith Olbermann

Keith Olberman recently made a rather exciting announcement, at least for fans of his.

He will be hosting a primetime show which will last approximately one hour long and it will be on Current TV start in the spring.

Current TV has officially taken him on as the “chief news officer”, a prestigious-sounding title which Olberman has certainly earned over the years.

Olberman’s recent departure from his own show had many upset and in disbelief, but now it seems as though he is getting back on the air.

His leaving MSNBC devastated and surprised many, but now he has a spot on primetime television and there are already many fans buzzing about his return to television.

Olberman will have a significant amount of influence over the somewhat small network and he will no doubt be able to increase the number of viewers who watch the network which is currently at only 23,000.

He has said numerous times that he believes freedom of the media is a cornerstone of the country’s social fabric and he cannot wait to get back to work.

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