CSI:Miami Season Finale:Season 7

CSI:Miami Season Finale:Season 7

CSI:Miami Season Finale:Season 7 – CSI: Miami season finale was called “Seeing Red” and it aired last night on CBS.Here is the plot of the episode:

Horatio fights to save Yelina while Delko goes against Calleigh’s pleas and helps his dangerous father with life threatening consequences. Brian Austin Green guest stars as an alleged carjack victim. Delko’s father is caught in a car that cut off an ambulance which cause a small chain reaction that caused Isoff to be free. Calleigh tells Eric and Eric goes to help his father. In a shoot out Calleigh shoots at a car to only find that Eric was driving. The episode ends with Horatio Frank and Calleigh finding Shanova in the car Calleigh shot at with Eric in it to find only Eric’s father covered in blood. It’s not his he says it’s Eric’s and Calleigh thinks she may have killed them. Camera shows Calleigh just about to cry when the screen fades to black.

Here is a little scoop Eric Delko played by Adam Rodriguez is alive and well and will be back next season.
That’s all we have for now on CSI:Miami Season Finale:CSI Miami Season 7 Finale.

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