CSI Season 11 Premiere 2010: Watch Episode 1 Shock Waves Online S11E01


CSI Season 11 Premiere 2010: Watch Episode 1 Shock Waves Online S11E01 – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation season 11 episode 1 titled “Shock Waves” aired few hours ago on CBS. The episode was written by David Weddle & Bradley Thompson and directed by Alec Smight. The season premiere 2010 of CSI left some fans wondering if the show has lost its mojo. Let us find out if this true.

CSI has reach its 11th season, and as is expected from a hit show, it started with a bang to shock viewers into sitting down, shutting up, and paying attention.

While at a funeral for a cop who died last season, a bomb explodes and causes a situation to occur. This is where the usually bubbly and poppy Justin Bieber chimes in, with his happy ‘take home to your mother’ personality traded in for an angry, teen angst face that only a sadistic mother could love. Biebs is found at an anti-government rally, and is completely brainwashed by the propaganda being spoken there.

Ray is found in the hospital, after being stabbed by his mortal enemy serial killer Nathan Haskel. In true television style, being drugged on morphine doesn’t stop him from getting his laptop and helping the CSI team to find the bomber.

Casey Monahan is a new addition to the characters, a sexy and tempting English bird who is also a bomb technician. Monahan is coming into the show just in time to deal with the new threat coming from lil’ Bieb’s character Jason McCann and his hatred of the government and authority.

The show ends with a menacing, evil grin from Bieber behind bars. This new season looks like it may be a blast for viewers.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on CSI season 11 episode 1.

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