CSI: NY Season 7 2010 Premiere: Watch Season 7 Episode 1 The 34th Floor Online S07E01

CSI: NY Season 7 2010 Premiere: Watch Season 7 Episode 1 The 34th Floor Online S07E01 – ‘CSI: NY’ Season 7 CSI: NY season 7 episode 1 called “The 34th Floor” which was directed by Duane Clark and written by John Dove & Pam Veasey aired this evening on CBS.

“CSI: NY” returned for its seventh season but premiered on a new night and have a new star in the mix. The show has been moved to Friday night, which traditionally has been thought of as the final resting place before a show gets cancelled like Ghost Whisperer, but in recent years a number of shows have been able to do well on Friday nights.

The original star of the series, Melina Kanakaredes aka Detective Stella Bonasera left the show over the course of the summer for New Orleans and has been replaced by Sela Ward. Ward has made a number of comments since first appearing on the show about what a great time she was having, and how excited she was for the opportunity.In the episode the team worked on a case that involved a dead employee who was killed by her very wealthy boss after she threatening to expose their ongoing affair.Meanwhile Lindsay Messer
realized that she needed to see a physiologist for being unable to deal with the fact that she killed the man who had kidnapped a baby.

It will be interesting to see where they take the show this year. It has always been thought of as one of the most innovative shows on television, and certainly is the most innovative and least formulaic of the “CSI” franchise. Although, it seems that the only thing on the show that has not changed since last season is the fact that the show is taking place in New York City.
It will be interesting to see how well Ward fits in with the new cast. Those on the set have said that the chemistry seems to be great between her and the rest of the cast, but she has never worked with any of them before.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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