Crystal Bowersox Almost Quit American Idol

Crystal Bowersox Almost Quit American Idol – Rumors have sparked that the highly adored American Idol contestant Crystal Bowersox was about ready to quit the show just two weeks ago. She has been rather successful on the show and America has seen her as an ideal candidate for the winner, so why would she put her fame in jeopardy? Well this one has made it into the top 10 scandals of American Idol history and has truly shocked America. reported that Bowersox was having a lot of trouble dealing with the extra attention that she has been receiving lately. Dealing with severe homesickness and just not enjoying the media and the fame to the slightest. Easy to understand when you have cameras in your face everywhere that you go. When they spoke with the host of the show, Ryan Seacrest in the parking lot just after the show ended he said that Bowersox has changed her tune a bit and that she has decided she needs to stay in the competition. All it really took was a little bit of word from her family and some reasons to keep fighting.

Seacrest was actually behind the efforts to keep her own the show. It is said that he helped to convince her that staying on American Idol could make her one of the biggest stars in the world. The kind of success and huge pay off that staying with the show could bring for her would be surreal. Seacrest told her that “The greatest thing I ever did was make enough money so I could buy my mom a house and you can buy your mom a house.”
Bowersox is currently one of the top 6 contestants on American Idol and staying in the fight is getting easier. Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens were voted off just this week so things are looking promising for her.

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