Criminal Minds Spin-off Forest Whitaker

Criminal Minds Spin-off Forest Whitaker – Reportedly Forest Whitaker will be headlining a new spin off of “Criminal Minds.” While the series has long been rumored to be in contention for a spinoff, many had speculated that the show would be starred in by another popular TV star, including some of the now free stars of ABC’s “Lost.” Whitaker comes as a bit of a surprise to many industry insiders as many considered Whitaker to have gone much farther in his acting career than acting on television series. It is rumored that Whitaker will play Cooper, who is a very loyal leader of the criminal minds team. Reportedly the team for the spin off will be introduced on the original “Criminal Minds” series during this season before receiving their own spin off in time for next season.

Whitaker hasn’t acted on television since starring on the shield. Whitaker received an Oscar for best actor after playing the militant leader, EDI Amin in “The Last King of Scottland.” He received rave reviews for his acting in the movie, and is regarded by many as one of the premier actors in Hollywood. Whitaker has had a long successful career, featuring many appearances in movies and television shows.

This installment of Criminal Minds will be the first time that Whitaker is expected to play the leading role for an extended period of time. In most of his television appearances, Whitaker has been merely a guest star who will pop into the storyline occasionally.
Whitaker has not commented on the recent report that he will be starring in the spin-off of “Criminal Minds.” It has not been announced who will be starring in the show with him, but it is expected that there will be at least another known name added to the list in the near future.

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