Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 5: Safe Haven S06E05

Criminal Minds season 6 episode 5 called “Safe Haven” which was directed by Glenn Kershaw and written by Rick Dunkle aired last night on CBS.

Criminal Minds gave us another brilliant episode thanks to a solid storyline and a dedicated upcoming actor named Sterling Beaumon that you may remember as the young Ben Linus from the hit TV show Lost.

This week’s episode dealt with a 13 year old boy named Jeremy who became a serial killer targeting families throughout the Midwest.When he is captured, he explained that the only reason that he was running wild and murdering these surrogate mothers is because his own mother hated him due to the fact that she was pregnant with twins but Jeremy’s fetus consumed the other one.

When he was finally imprisoned the horrible young man revealed to Morgan that when he turned 18 years old he would be freed and come back for his mom and sister but Derek Morgan replied by saying that it will never happened because he will make sure that he is never released by appearing at all of his parole hearings.

That was not the only matter that The BAU team had to deal with – Morgan got really concerned when Ellie who lost her dad few episodes ago ran away from her foster family and payed him a visit. When Detective Morgan called her family, he was shocked to learn that they did not even noticed that she was missing.The episode ended in a very sweet way with the BAU eventually finding her mom and Morgan convincing her to give her family another chance even-though she was hurt.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Criminal Minds season 6 episode 5.

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