Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 2: Watch JJ Online S06E02

Criminal Minds Season 6 Episode 2: Watch JJ Online S06E02 – Criminal Minds season 6 episode 2 called “JJ” which was directed by Charles S. Carroll and written by Erica Messer aired this evening on CBS.

“Criminal Minds” fans will now, just like the team on the show, have to deal with the loss of JJ, who was one of the favorite characters of the show. Her exit came abruptly after CBS let the actress go for creative reasons. The cast described her departure like losing a family member, and said that it would be hard to capture the same feeling without her.

Of course, the team has to bind together to get through the difficult times that are associated with her departure to her new job. They have always hinted that JJ has some sort of six sense or power that may be otherworldly. Now, they will never get to fully explore that story lien with her departure.

With JJ no longer appearing on the show that will open up some on screen time for other characters. They have done a very good job of building the back story of the other characters in the show throughout last season, which should make the transition easier this year. It will be up to the writers to put together a believable transition.

JJ who worked her last case which consisted of finding Kate Joyce who has gone missing after being spotted in Maryland-has left to be on to bigger and better things ,taking a gig at the Pentagon working as “liaison for the Department of Defense” and now the series will focus on how the team deals with not having her around. Expect to see a number of the characters have a hard time moving on without her, as well as a few reflective appearances of JJ.

On a side note -having JJ worked on that very emotional case where it turned out that the bastard known as Jimmy left Kate in the middle ocean to die was a special way to say goodbye.
Kate is one tough cookie to have survived several day at sea.
JJ will be missed.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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