Conan O’Brien TBS Emmy Push

Conan O’Brien TBS Emmy Push – Conan O’Brien would likely love to have an Emmy to rub in the face of NBC on his way out of the door. However, the station has made no effort to push for an Emmy for his time on the Tonight Show, likely because of the wild break up that the two parties had when NBC decided to give The Tonight Show right back to Jay Leno, who had held the show earlier. However, recent reports have stated that his new employer, which he will have a show with in November, TBS, is making a serious push to get Conan nominated for an Emmy for his work on the late night program earlier in the year.

The campaign started on Tuesday morning, and is directed at Emmy Voters. The ads will be appearing in a number of different Hollywood newspapers and other publications. The traditional advertisement notices will be posted, but its not like TBS is fighting for their own show. The situation is a funny one, because TBS would also benefit from the nomination, while NBC would likely receive quite a bit of hardship if Conan’s former program went on to be nominated for an Emmy.

O’Brien received overwhelming support from his fans during the fiasco, especially on the Internet. It is clear who the younger generation supported.Conan will instead be heading up a new late night program on TBS starting in November.

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