Conan O’Brien On 60 Minutes

Conan O’Brien On 60 Minutes – One day after the mark where Conan O’Brien will finally be allowed to appear on television programs because of his contractual agreement with NBC, he will be appearing on the popular news and editorial program, ’60 Minutes.’ Conan O’Brien has remained silent for many months following his fallout with NBC, a fallout that was sparked by a disagreement between O’Brien and the company over Jay Leno returning to his 11:30 time slot that had been given to O’Brien for The Tonight Show. They had asked O’Brien to move The Tonight Show to midnight, a move that Conan refused to make. Eventually, the two parties decided to split and O’Brien was awarded $30 million in a severance package that was agreed to.

The severance package also dictated that Conan would not appear on television for the following three month period, and would not host his own show until September 1st, allowing NBC time to fix their image and return to normalcy.
Soon after the agreement was in place, Conan launched his “The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television” tour, a tour that made stops in different states. However, Conan will not be able to speak on his agreement with NBC, the company, or past incidents’ in general if he would like to avoid a fine. Experts expect that Conan’s dialogue on the television will not focus so much on the past, but rather on his future and what may be in store for him.
He recently announced that he will be returning to television on TBS, a cable television network. O’Brien will have the time slot that was previously held by the George Lopez show, pushing the show back one hour to make room for Conan.

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